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Sport at Hylands

At Hylands we have built a PE curriculum which enables children to develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities, which results in them knowing more, remembering more and understanding how this knowledge and skills can be applied in their own physical activity and healthy lifestyle. Our curriculum encourages and provides opportunities for all of the children to enjoy and develop their understanding in order to lead healthy, active lives.

We are aiming to promote participation, progress and performance for all. We fully adhere to the National Curriculum.

Our planning shows a clear progression of skills and activities across the whole school, but also enables teachers, within individual lessons, to cater for SEND and those children who need to be given opportunities to work at higher levels of performance.


Physical Education is taught in two weekly lessons, indoor and outdoor, and in Year 5 children swim.

The lessons are planned to provide enjoyment, knowledge and participation at children’s individual level of development. We aim to build a secure set of skills within each unit of work that can then be built on in future years. We aim to develop children with good sporting attitudes where they understand the importance of participation and healthy lifestyles as well as developing a good range of skills and understanding of different sports which we hope will set the children up for a lifelong foundation for physical activity and an understanding and love of its importance in their lives.

We are able to utilise children’s love of PE within our daily routine:

  • Sports leaders who come into school to tidy resources, pump up balls and support in the running of special events at school such as Sports relief and other PE activities.


  • Active Lunchtime leaders - children from Years 5 and 6 receive training in how to run activities at lunchtime for KS1 children to encourage them to be more active, join in with team games, participate and be sociable with other children.
  • We are able to utilise GCSE PE children from our local senior school who come and support in PE lessons. The school also supports our Sports Day with sports leaders attending.

  • We endeavour to get the children active during the school day, not just through PE lessons, but with our 20-minute active session three times a week to instil in our children the importance of being active for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Children are encouraged to think about what they are eating in order to have a healthy lifestyle through talks about what is in our lunch box, to making healthy snacks, smoothie bike sessions and links to science units in KS2.


We utilise assessment through our planned scheme, where we can track children’s skills, understanding and progress. Teachers can then focus their next lessons to ensure that children have a secure understanding and are able to acquire the skills needed in order to progress on to their next stages of learning.

Each of the units in our PE scheme of work comes with a unique Skill Development Activity which children complete at the beginning and end of each half term to record their personal best. They are encouraged to compete against themselves, which rewards their own personal improvement to develop a growth mindset.

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