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Please find a copy of the Reading Policy for Hylands Primary School below for you to access:

Curriculum overview

At Hylands Primary School we want to inspire our young children to become enthusiastic, confident and competent comprehenders of language. Children are given the opportunity to listen to and study 'whole texts' in order to discuss themes, character and plot development as well as begin to make links between other texts and authors. We have developed the Hylands Primary School Reading Journey which maps out the core texts each year group will read and study in class. Age-appropriate novels and picture books have been carefully selected in order to cover a range of text types across a school year (archaic language, non-linear plot etc) as well as providing direct links and enrichment to our creative curriculum. 

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Keep an eye out for our regular reading newsletters for details on which texts your children will be studying each term.



In Year One, children are introduced to the VIPERS characters which represent the key reading skills of vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and sequencing (summarising in KS2). Children first apply these to shared reading sessions with the teacher and with support in smaller, guided reading groups. From Year two onwards, children regularly apply these skills within reading lessons, practising their skills at forming a written repsonse to a text. 



As well as supporting children to become accurate, fluent readers of text it is essential that children are supported in their understanding of what they are reading and why authors may have made particular choices of which vocabulary to use and in which order. To further support families reading at home together we have produced some bookmarks (pictured above) which outline the key VIPERS skills along with some suggested questions which can be applied to books being read at home. Click on the link below to download the VIPERS bookmark.   

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