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French at Hylands

At Hylands, we are proud that we provide a curriculum that nurtures an inclusive and outward-looking learning environment. We firmly believe that learning a language together is a vitally important step towards understanding and accepting the richness of cultural similarities and differences. Our French curriculum aims to help our children to absorb the skills to understand other cultures in an open-minded way and gain a valuable perspective on the world. Speaking and understanding another language should be enjoyable and accessible, and if taught with passion and enthusiasm with a variety of resources and methods, has huge benefits for all children, regardless of ability or background.

Our children come from a variety of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds and we celebrate this as part of our exploration of the richness of being a global citizen. Many of our children have great pride in their first languages and we hold this variety of experience dear to us as a community. 

Our view is that all children gain enormously by enjoying a new or different language and culture together as a communal experience in which oracy and literacy, speaking and listening skills can be enhanced, thus supporting the wider curriculum. This, we firmly believe, will stimulate and encourage children’s curiosity about language, which in turn will heighten their appreciation and understanding of the richness of living in a global community.



French is taught in years 3 to 6 weekly using a variety of resources, in which our children gain confidence and an insight into the language and culture of French speaking countries through stories, games, songs through the software Language Angels. In addition, it is a valuable stepping stone towards the learning of further languages in future years.

The key is enjoyment, and progress is made by taking carefully planned steps that are in line with the KS2 curriculum for languages, and which by nature, ties in and embraces the aims of the Primary KS2 curriculum in general. French lessons are planned in such a way as to encourage the full and active participation of all children. Work is differentiated as appropriate to the needs of individual learners and pair work and group work encourage their sense of collaboration. 


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