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Admissions criteria

All children who are three and four are entitled to 15 hours funded childcare. We currently take children in the September, January and April following their third birthday.  

Child born between... ...will become eligible for a funded place from
01 January to 31 March the start of term or 01 April (Summer term)
01 April to 31 August the start of term or 01 September (Autumn term)
01 September to 31 December the start of term or 01 January (Spring term)

 Nursery places will be allocated in the following order of priority:

  • Children who have a brother or sister living at the same address, who already attend the school.
  • Geographical location.

Please aim, where possible, for your child to be toilet trained and out of nappies before starting at our Nursery. 


The Nursery is split into morning sessions and afternoon sessions. Hylands Nursery offers  15 hours a week (AM or PM sessions 5 days a week), or the full 30 hours a week (AM and PM sessions 5 days a week).   Please note, we are only able to offer 15 hours per week or 30 hours per week - we are not able to offer a variation on these hours or a combination of full and half days.  

Our sessions are:

Morning session 8.30am - 11.25am
Afternoon session 12.20pm - 3.15pm  

This is a school nursery and therefore operates during term time only. Should your child be entitled to 30 hours and stay for lunchtime, there will be a charge to cover supervision over the lunch hour. This is payable half - termly in advance. of £5 per day for lunchtime supervision.  You may take your child home for lunch and return them for the afternoon session if you do not wish to pay this charge. Children who stay for the whole day can either bring a packed lunch or parents/carers can pay  for a school hot dinner. Which currently costs £2.65.

Admission to the nursery does not constitute a promise of a place in Hylands Primary School nor does it preclude the admission of a child to any other infant or primary school in the area. 

30 Hour Nursery Provision

Hylands Primary School will be able to offer pupils within the Nursery up to 30 hours of provision. To be eligible you’ll need to be able to answer ‘Yes’ to the following questions:

  • Are both parent/carers working (or am I, as a sole parent/carer, working)?
  • Does each parent/carer earn at least the equivalent of 16 hours at the National Minimum Wage)?
  • Does each parent/carer have an annual income of less than £100,000?
  • Do I live in England? ​

The easiest way to find out whether or not you are eligible is to use the calculator found on www.childcarechoices.gov.uk

If you are not eligible for additional ‘free’ nursery hours, you are still entited to 15 hours a week and it is possible to apply directly to the school for the additional 15 hours at a charge if spaces are available, plus £5 per day for supervision over the lunch hour. (please note, this £5 does not cover the cost of any food).  Children who stay for the whole day can either bring a packed lunch or parents/carers can pay for a school hot dinner. ( currently £2.65).

All fees must be paid for half - termly  (in advance). 

How to claim your nursery funded hours

15 hours: All pupils are entitled to 15 hours free provision per week.  This can be taken either by 5 morning sessions a week, or 5 afternoon sessions a week. 

30 Hours Eligibility: Working parents/carers who meet the government’s criteria can double their existing 15 hours and claim up to 30 hours. Parents/carers need to create a government childcare account and submit an online application at www.gov.uk/apply-30-hours-free-tax-free-childcare before September/January/April to receive their eligibility code to provide to the school.

The school will need your eligibility code the term before you want your child to start, so parents/carers are advised to apply for their code as soon as possible. You are able to apply 16 weeks before your child’s 3rd birthday. The school will not be able to consider your nursery application for 30 hours provision until we have received your eligibility code. Pupils starting in September need to provide their codes to the school before the end of the Summer term.

Eligibility Code: Parents/carers provide their eligibility code to the school along with their National Insurance number by completing the New Child Registration and Parental Declaration Form. This should be returned to the school along with proof of your child's date of birth and parents'/carers' address. We then register this information with the local authority.

For further information, please see the 2022/23 Parent Guide to Early Years Funding

Reconfirmation process: Every three months parents/carers will need to reconfirm that the details they entered on their government childcare account application are still accurate. This is to check that they are still eligible.  It is the parents'/carers' responsibility to reconfirm every three months; you will not be sent a reminder by Hylands Nursery. You will be prompted, via email by HMRC, four weeks before the reconfirmation deadline and again two weeks before the deadline if you still have not reconfirmed.  If your circumstances have changed, you will need to log into your government childcare account, amend and then resubmit your details. If your circumstances have not changed, you still need to reconfirm but only need to confirm that your details have not changed.

Parents/carers will need to reconfirm regardless of whether your child has started their 30 hours place. If parents/carers miss the reconfirmation deadline or your circumstances change you will receive an email telling you that your eligibility has lapsed and the school will also be notified. Although you are no longer eligible, if your child is already in a 30 hours place, you will be able to retain their childcare place for a short period; this is known as a grace period.  Alternatively, parents/carers can pay the top-up fees to retain the 30 hours provision. 

Applying to the Nursery

To apply to the Nursery, please email office@hylands.havering.sch.uk requesting the Nursey application forms.  The forms will then be sent to your email address for completion. We accept applications once your child has turned 2 years old. 

Hylands will maintain an application list of pupils seeking admission to the Nursery.  Inclusion of a child's name on the list does not constitute a promise of a place.   Applications should be sent in by the following dates for consideration of a place:

  • Before the May half term for a September intake
  • Before the October half term for a January intake 
  • Before the February half term for an April intake 

Offer letters for each intake will be sent out as detailed below:

  • September intake: June
  • January intake: November  
  • April intake: February 

Hylands will need to take account of the balance between mornings, afternoons and all day places so it may not be possible to fulfill all parents'/carers' requests.  Please feel free to apply for other nurseries in the area as we cannot guarantee your child's place at any time in the academic year. 

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