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Cycling at HyLands

At Hylands cycling is getting bigger and bigger each year. Our ultimate goal is to ensure each child can ride competently before they leave Year 6. We feel that we offer the whole package for children to do that with the clubs and skills taught from reception to Year 6.


Balance Bike Club


Balancing is the biggest skill involved in cycling. Balance bikes are a super invention that removes the pedals from a bike. This allows children to concentrate on one fundamental skill at a time.Stabilizers used to be the key to learning to ride, but as soon as they are removed you need to learn to balance all over again. At balance bike club, we focus on getting the children to balance, scoot and glide before encouraging them to pedal. Pedaling is the easy part and once you can glide with two feet off the floor you are ready to go. Once you learn, you will never forget. 


After the children have mastered the skill of balancing, they can learn how to use the pedal bikes. Pedalling comes naturally and often it will only take one or two lessons before balance bike experts can jump on a bike and pedal. At Hylands, we have a range of bike sizes, so all children can have the opportunity to learn to ride. 

Balance bike


Boy on Balance bike(2)Pedal Bike





Bikeability is about gaining practical skills and understanding how to cycle on today‚Äôs roads. Bikeability gives everyone the skills and confidence for all kinds of cycling. At Hylands, we offer bikeability to children in Key Stage 2 to provide them with essential skills to develop as cyclists on the roads and teach them to ride to school safely.

Year 6 bike


Once children have taken part in bikeability they are offered the chance to cycle with one of our external coaches outside of the school. Initially, they will be assessed on their competence before leaving the school, but then the fun begins and they will venture further afield to learn how to cycle in the local parks and on the roads. This is a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn routes and real life techniques required for cycling.

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